University Hospital Emergency Medical Services

EMS Rescue-1



University Hospital EMS operates a full-service heavy rescue unit that serves the City of Newark. Staffed by two Rescue Specialists who are certified EMT's or Paramedics, EMS Rescue responds to a wide variety of assignments including operational assistance to UH-EMS field units. UH-EMS Rescue is unique in the fact that it is the only hospital based heavy rescue unit in service nationally.

The rescue component of the BLS Division is staffed by eight full-time Rescue Specialists and a core of cross-trained personnel that are assigned to other areas of the department. All rescue specialists are required to complete a rigorous basic rescue training course and field internship followed by continuous training, education, and drills. Many rescue specialists are also highly involved with the EMS Special Operations Group, EMS Task Force, Emergency Response Team, and other specialty units operated by UH-EMS.

UH-EMS Rescue maintains two specialized heavy-rescue vehicles and performs a variety of rescue skills including vehicle extrication, high and low angle rope rescue, trench rescue, shipboard rescue, water rescue, and confined space operations. UH-EMS Rescue responds to over 5000 incidents annually.

Rescue is also available to assist with forcible entries, lift assistance, emotionally disturbed patients, and scene lighting for EMS and other public-safety operations. Rescue is also routinely assigned to highway assignments and motor vehicle accidents to assist with scene safety and traffic control. Rescue is also a fully equipped BLS unit and may be utilized occasionally as a first-response unit when other field units are not available.