University Hospital Emergency Medical Services

Northeast Medical Coordination Center



The MCC Program is a statewide network of acute-care hospital-based coordination centers that provides a practical framework for medical coordination between the established public health, healthcare and emergency management systems. The principal function of the MCC Program is maintaining regional situational awareness through the collection, analysis and distribution of validated incident information.

The MCC Program is designed as a regional extension of NJDOH’s Office of Emergency Management (NJDOH OEM). The decentralized program is comprised of five (5) technology-enriched facilities along with professional staffing. This approach presents a structure that enables statewide program standardization while incorporating regional specialization through the engagement of regional public health, healthcare, emergency medical services, and emergency management and other “whole of community” stakeholders.

The MCC Program provides for the coordinated response to threats, both natural and man-made, that may adversely impact or disrupt the delivery of local, regional, and statewide healthcare and public health sector services. The Program can obtain and share timely incident-specific information through multiple communication channels to our State and regional partners to provide accurate situational awareness to aid in critical decision-making by senior and executive sector representatives. Each MCC facility maintains a regional focus and is available to coordinate information and resources in collaboration with the regional stakeholders.

The Northeast Regional Medical Coordination Center is hosted and staffed by University Hospital EMS and can be reached at 973-972-6366 or via e-mail at EMSMCC@uhnj.org.