University Hospital Emergency Medical Services



University Hospital Emergency Medical Services employs approximately twenty-five EMS Supervisors assigned to the Newark and Camden Divisions. EMS Supervisors, who are generally known as “Chiefs” among their peers, are certified New Jersey EMT’s or Paramedics and may be assigned to the field, REMCS, administration, or training components of UH-EMS.

All supervisors are highly experienced professionals who support the operations of UH-EMS with a variety of responsibilities.

Field supervisors are generally responsible for the overseeing field operations during their tour of duty. They may typically respond to a variety of high profile or unusual assignments along with BLS and/or ALS units. Supervisors are also available for on-scene responses as requested by field units to assist with refusals of service and other unusual occurrences. They function as a liaison officer between UH-EMS and law enforcement, fire, rescue, and other public safety agencies during mass-casualty and multi-agency incidents. They may also assist with the implementation of the EMS Branch of the Incident Command System by serving in leadership roles within ICS. Field supervisors also maintain training and experience within other specialty roles within UH-EMS including Rescue and Special Operations. There are typically two field supervisors assigned to each shift.

REMCS Supervisors are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the communications center and problem solving any issues that may arise. This includes supervision of the communications personnel and ensuring that all requests for service are mitigated efficiently from the initial call reception up until a final disposition by field units. All REMCS Supervisors maintain dispatch certifications and may function in the roles of call taker, dispatcher, or air medical dispatcher should the need arise. There is a communications supervisor on duty at all times.

Administrative Supervisors are assigned to a variety of components of the UH-EMS system. These supervisors typically work normal office hours and are responsible for overseeing scheduling, payroll, recordkeeping, statistics, quality assurance, computer network administration, and technical issues.

Training and QA Supervisors within the EMS Training Division are primarily responsible for ensuring that all personnel meet certification and compliance education requirements as mandated by state, federal, and university guidelines. They oversee all UH-EMS sponsored training programs and continuing education courses offered. They perform the Department’s Quality Assurance and Improvement functions and work closely with the EMS Medical Director.

Supervisors are also routinely assigned to oversee and administer specialty services offered by UH-EMS such as Rescue, Special Operations Group, ERT, Dignitary Protection, Bike Team, etc.