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EMS Awards Nomination


University Hospital EMS holds an annual award ceremony to recognize the contributions of the emergency medical technicians, paramedics, rescue technicians, dispatchers and supervisors for their contributions and dedication to service.

These are the award categories and their descriptions:

Class A - This is the Department's highest and most prestigious award. It is granted for the successful or attempted performance of a heroic act while on duty in which the candidate puts his/her life in extreme jeopardy in an EMS related incident to preserve the life of another. It is clearly an act demonstrating immeasurable courage and devotion to duty. It is an act that demonstrates the candidate's attention to risk versus benefit and rescue versus recovery under a situation where appropriate resources were unavailable to act on behalf of the individual threatened.

Class B - This award is granted for extraordinary performance of an act not considered a direct threat to one's life but well beyond the scope of normal duty and/or job function. the candidate will have acted in such a manner as to display extremely good judgment, skill or execution of a plan of action resulting in a positive outcome.

Class C - This award is granted to an individual who actively participates in a recognized UH-EMS extra-curricular activity: Special Operations Group, field training officer, emergency response team, bike team, public relations or other UH-EMS committee.

Class D - This award is granted to an individual, crew or team for meritorious service, outstanding teamwork or a display of particular excellence in the performance of duties on an EMS call, during a challenging event or under adverse conditions.

Class E - This award is granted to an outside agency or individual for participation in an EMS related incident in which the agency or person's actions were of significant benefit to the management of the incident or its outcome.

EMS Employee of the Year - One employee from each Division will be selected by majority opinion of their peers. The selected employee will be one who best exemplifies the UH EMS uniform and is loyal, highly motivated, energized, customer service oriented and promotes "Esprit de Corps" within the service.

EMS Director's Award - The Director may at his/her discretion choose to recognize an employee or group of employees for an outstanding accomplishment, special assignment or performance resulting in the recognizable improvement in the operation, effectiveness or image of the Department.

EMS Service Award - Distributed to staff in recognition of their response statistics for the previous calendar year consisting of Gold and Silver stars and breast bars will be conducted independently of this Awards Program, however, Staff will wear their Stars or Breast Bars in accordance with this policy.

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